Quick Info and House Rules

Well-behaved dogs are welcome at the cabin. We ask that you:
1. don’t invite the pets on the furniture (including beds)
2. bring a bed for them to be on inside the cabin
3. after they’ve been at the beach hose the salt water and sand off before they come in the house and after you’ve towel-dried them. There are dog towels in the laundry room.
4. use one of the many lint rollers to remove the hair on the sides of the furniture or any other place they’ve rubbed against

Canoe and Kayaks
We have three recreational kayaks that you can use. You’ll need a reliable way to transport them to the water. We have life jackets at the cabin of various sizes. Please give ’em a rinse and sponge before stowing them!

BBQ in the gazebo

Bring your own briquettes and lighter fluid. Pull out the Barbie from underneath the gazebo. Why? There are one or two resident bats that will roost up in the gazebo. We like bats and don’t want to gas them out of their slumber! Pull the Barbie back under when you leave.

Hot Water Heater
Turn ON when you arrive; and turn OFF when you check out. Turn on the hot water at the panel behind the door from the garage into the basement laundry room. The switch is marked. Please turn it off when you leave.

Drinking Water
Bring some with you. The water source is an untreated, shallow-water well. We treat the well with bleach on an irregular basis so it is drinkable, but we tend to use it more for coffee water and cooking.

Fire Hazards
The place is made of solid cedar so be smart like Smokey the Bear!

  • Smoking – Please DO NOT SMOKE inside the cabin and be mindful of hot ashes and butts anywhere near the house, deck or forest.
  • Woodstove – We have a new woodstove with a great glass door.  Wood is located in the wood shed below the gazebo. The wood is for wood stove only – not beach fires!!
  • Fire Extinguisher – The fire extinguisher is located on the right at the top of the stairwell leading down to the garage
  • Candles – don’t use any, please.

Opening/check out – There are opening and checkout lists at the cabin and we will email the instructions to you prior to your visit. See the notebook on the coffee table for all house information and instructions.